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11 Feb 2013
Ponies are just like people. They are simply much more comfortable in weather conditions that suits them. They feel the cold. That's the reason it's always best to always make sure that they have got all of the protection they desire, regardless of the weather. A range of rugs are accessible for ponies nowadays that cover many types of climate and the exercises your horse participates in. The most crucial types ofhorse rugs however are the stable rug, the turnout rug and the fleece.

The stable rug does precisely what the title indicates and gives the horse some security and heat whilst in the stable. A stable rug permits your horse to maintain a heat range and not lose any heat. It provides a chance for your horse to give up dampness whilst retaining heat and that's useful if he's sweating excessively. Some varieties of stables are warm to the degree that a horse does not require a stable rug, others not. And also the type of stable rug required will depend on whether your horse is clipped or unclipped and in need of extra warmth as a result.

A turnout rug is a rug that your horse can be outside in. Some horses don't require a turnout rug at all and if you are at all unsure a way of testing is to touch the bottom of your horses’ ears. A turnout rug is a seasonal item and one that is suitable during the summer time will not be suitable in the winter. Nevertheless, lots of people buy one turnout rug and layer it up for warmth through the use of extra rugs directly below. This could often be a cost efficient way of keeping your horse at a good temperature.

A fleece jacket is not a essential but may be convenient. People that own competition horses, or horses that travel a good deal often find shopping for a fleece coat to be a great thing to do.

Kinds of rugs can be obtained, some expensive, some cheap horse rugs. It is additionally possible to purchase an all in one turnout rug suitable for all year long by being consists of layers. It is also possible to by one rug that will serve as a stable and a turnout rug. There is no right or wrong answer as to what you choose, as long as it suits your horse and your finances!


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