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05 Mar 2013
Every horse owner knows, having a horse needs a great deal of time and devotion. Horses that are ridden also require a wide range of horse equipment, starting from saddles and bridles, to numerous bits and grooming brushes. For horses that are ridden for general purpose for instance just going for hacks or for carrying out a small amount of schooling, they will just demand a general purpose saddle and a ordinary bridle with commonly just a snaffle bit. However for horses which are usually used for show jumping or dressage, the likelihood is the rider will pick a specialist saddle and bridle. Horse tack was traditionally only purchased in horse equipment shops, but these days there are many online stockists that may give a wide variety of horse equipment. Head collars and lead ropes and in some cases bridles can be purchased fairly easy online because they can be ordered according to the dimensions of the horse. Bridles may vary in that different nosebands can be purchased according to how the horse behaves when being ridden. Saddles are a little different. Horses, like humans, are different size and shapes and it is critical that the saddle is fitted to fit the shape of the horse. If the saddle doesn't fit correctly then it could rub the horse’s spine or withers and cause them pain and discomfort. The saddle needs to be positioned on top of a numnah or pad which will also help to prevent the saddle from rubbing the horse. All horse riders are aware that probably the most important items of horse tack is the bit. Bits come in all sorts of designs depending on how the horse behaves when it's ridden. Double bits provide more control for the rider, whereas a simple snaffle bit is perfectly adequate for all those riders who take their horses for a gentle hack. It is really important to take care of horse riding tack. Leather brides and saddles should ideally be wiped down using a damp cloth before having saddle soap applied in a circular motion after every time they are used. The saddle soap will nourish the leather whilst keeping it soft and supple, ensuring it is going to last for many years to come. Please visit the Tally Ho Farm website to find out more information on horse tack and horse equipment.


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