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01 Jul 2013
All seasoned riders of horses will know that it’s necessary to have the right form of tack correctly fitted. An ill-fitting saddle could cause pain for a horse, which could subsequently result in behavioural problems. Similarly, the best type of bit or noseband can make a big difference to a horse’s behaviour during schooling classes, as different tack can create various degrees of control for the rider.

When scouting for a whole new saddle, you should have in mind precisely what the main use of the saddle will be. For example, is it for general purpose like going for hacks with occasional schooling, or will you use the saddle for competitions for instance dressage shows or perhaps polo matches? If you propose to using the saddle for a particular specialism, be sure to buy the right variety of saddle as it should have been designed accordingly.

Most horse equipment or tack can be acquired pre-owned should you be planning to stick within a tight budget, though make sure you view the product before purchasing to make sure it is in good condition and sound quality. In the perfect world, you will be in a position to try the saddle on the horse before paying for it to enable you to ensure it really does fit well.

Investing in a correctly fitting bridle is also crucial, though buying bridles is slightly easier than selecting the most appropriate saddle, since most of the bridle can be adjusted using the buckles in order to fit the individual horse. Whilst most horses are fine with a traditional noseband, those horses which may have to be kept under slightly tighter control may benefit from putting on a drop or flash noseband. It is important to note that these should be used correctly.

The kind of bit that's connected to the bridle should is also important and can very much depend on the actual horse - bear in mind their breed (Cobs generally have a thicker tongue therefore need a thinner bit) and any behavioural problems (for horses which pull at the reins a lot, a peewee bit may be the best solution).


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