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02 Jul 2013
Airport baggage handling systems are definitely the lynchpin of any airport. Although many air travellers prefer to take a trip with simply hand luggage, a huge number of passengers will have suitcases or equipment like skis or golf irons which will have to be transferred onto the aeroplane. For many of us checking in at the airport, we hand our suitcases over to the staff member behind the counter and then hope to see the suitcase again at the luggage collection point of our destination airport.

Only a few travellers really stop to consider what happens to our baggage after we have passed the baggage drop off point. Airports also have a sophisticated baggage handling system which can transfer the suitcase from the departure airport, onto the correct aeroplane and then sent to the luggage collection point at the destination airport. Naturally, if the traveller has got to take a couple of flights to reach their eventual destination then the luggage will also need to be transferred onto the relevant aeroplane.

At the check in point, the steward will attach a label to the suitcase containing an exclusive id bar code. This code will be saved in the system, so the suitcase’s location can be monitored at any given time. Airport baggage handling systems are highly sophisticated, and contain a sequence of conveyor belts which transport the bags on to the relevant aeroplane.

The handling systems are said to be like a road system in a city, with all the conveyors being side roads, the DCV track the A roads and motorways and the baggage the vehicles. If a conveyor or DCV track becomes blocked, then the suitcases can be re-routed using alternative conveyors. The conveyors are controlled by computers which can distinguish each individual item of luggage and may make sure the item is transported to the appropriate destination.

So, next time you check your bag in at the baggage drop off point at your nearby airport, set aside a second to take into consideration the journey which your bag will have to take to meet up with you at the arrival destination.

If you wish to find out more on airport baggage handling systems or if you want to determine what happens at your baggage drop off point, then check out the website.


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