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04 Aug 2013
A number of people breathe a sigh of relief when working their way through the ironing pile and finding a no iron shirt! The busy lifestyles the majority of us currently lead mean there is little time for you to invest in ironing shirts and accomplishing other mundane tasks. Very good quality non iron shirts should keep wrinkle free even with washing, allowing the wearer to invest time doing something a little bit more interesting than standing at the ironing board for several hours.

So, just how do manufacturers create shirts that do not need ironing? Well, the cotton utilized to create the shirts is soaked within a resin called formaldehyde, which in turn adds strength to the cotton enabling it to have an enhanced ability to resist wrinkling. Although the truth that formaldehyde is often a dangerous chemical, shirt manufacturers declare that even wearing a no iron shirt a daily basis would only expose the wearer to a tiny volume of the chemical, and it is deemed to be harmless. Modern technologies have enabled manufacturers to develop extremely low levels of formaldehyde resins, rendering it safe to use. Phew!

Oxford shirts are made from a material that features a basketweave framework as well as a glossy aspect. This causes it to be an exceptionally popular option for dress shirts. The three kinds of the cloth are the plain Oxford, the Pinpoint Oxford and the more formal Royal Oxford. Oxford shirts may also be made using non-iron technology, saving the wearer lots of time and effort.

Many clothing companies sell Oxford shirts, because they are highly sought after with women and men. Many different types of Oxford shirts are available, including the standard plain formal shirt, to the trendy self-stripe oxford shirt. Oxford shirts can be produced in a whole rainbow of colours, and could be worn for all forms of occasions.

With the advancements in technology, non iron shirts are becoming ever more popular with women and men alike, and the fact that the shirts can be found in a variety of fabrics is hugely beneficial for everyone.
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